About us
In the process of communicating with users for many years, “Packson mold” has cultivated a team with professional technology and professional marketing knowledge. They understand the needs of users and provide users with practical products and services.
In the management of talents, the company boldly innovated, established a performance appraisal mechanism that separates assessments, evaluations, and results, and established a talent mechanism for introduction, training, use, and motivation, providing a broad world for employee development. . We always adhere to the common progress of the society, the success of our customers, and the core values of the company that grow together with our employees.

Responsible for integrity: Do our best to achieve the goals we promise.
Pursuit of excellence: Active, modest attitude to learn to innovate.
Perseverance: The unyielding profession is what we think we will do.
Diligent and simple: It is effective, efficient and simple.
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